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  • Sam

What we keep in our van and why we love her!

Our van is incredible, we certainly got lucky when we found her, her previous owner was a carpenter so she is full of very clever well made wooden racking. This makes loading her up for our huge jobs so much easier. And we have so many little cubby holes to keep all sorts. We even have fairy lights rigged up in the roof to help with the darker months and also just to look pretty.

She is in currently in desperate need of a massive sort out, it's on the list for this month! However she still holds all the essential items we need on a day to day basis and also many items that we rarely use, but are always grateful we have just there when we do need them, or a fellow wedding supplier. A giant extension lead, a watering can, boxes of batteries and a mallet!!

We have a snack box that we keep under our seat, this is full of dried fruit, nuts, crisps, cereal bars, our favourite are the Eat Natural protein packed ones, essentials to keep us going when we are busy on a set up, and there is no time to allow us to stop for a proper lunch or we are in the middle of nowhere with no supplies available. You can often find in this line of work, that there literally is not a minute to spare, so something you can quickly eat on the go is essential. Oh and you will always find extra strong mints rolling around somewhere in the van, they are weirdly a bit of a tradition!

We carry spare tealight candles, a couple of sizes of pillar candles, white tack, glue dots, some basic tools, screwdriver, pliers, hammer, cable ties and bungee cords. String, fishing wire, hooks, A big pile of packing blankets, it's probably easier to list what we don't have.


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