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Place names - Some tips to help save precious time on set up!

PLACE NAMES and how to pack them up ready for someone else to lay out for you.

If you are having a friend or family member, the venue or a supplier set these up for you please don't just have them all in a box together. I have been handed them like this before and it has tripled or quadrupled the time it takes to carry out this task. Time you simply don't have to waste on the morning! This is very simple and like I mentioned above will make the task nice and quick and slick.

1. Bundle each table into an envelope, on the front of that numbered or named envelope you draw a circle for a round table or a rectangle, then you add the names around the table, who is sitting next to who. This is so important, when I was handed the jumbled box of names and a sheet of paper with who belongs on which table, I then got to choose who sits next to who as the paper wasn't written in a way that would indicate who was a couple, which child belonged to who, why on earth would you want someone who doesn't know your guest list making this decision or add additional stress to your friend or family member to make that decision.

2. The next part is also important when you plan out your table layout you may have special family members that you want on the tables closest to the top table (if you are having one) and maybe you want your Nan to be facing you rather than having to crane round to look at you. So on the envelope where you draw the table indicate where the top table is or a distinctive part of the room so not only does the person carrying this task out for you know who is sitting next to who, also the placement in relation to the top table.

*Bonus points if you bundle the names in the running order going round or along the table!

3. Alongside the envelopes, it is helpful to add in a plan for the room, where you want your tables to be placed, and in what order. Occasionally I have entered a room that has been set up by the venue or caterers and the order is wrong, as long as I have what I know is an up to date room plan I can then confidentially change the order around and ensure the room is exactly as the couple wanted it.

4. The final thing alongside the room plan is a simple drawing of where you want the place name on the place setting. In front of the setting, on a napkin, centrally, to the right, left etc. It's a simple task, but one that needs some thought put into it to be carried out smoothly.

Hope you find this helpful.



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