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Make Your Wedding Unique to You.

Your wedding can be, and should be really personal to you. You of course want your wedding to be beautiful and your guests to be wowed, however, how about, instead of just following the latest trend, you choose to incorporate items that mean something to you. It can be really enjoyable collecting your favourite items in the lead up to your big day, you will end up creating some completely unique decor which will be a real talking point amongst your guests, and ensure that any guest that may have attended a few weddings recently will be seeing something new and completely you.

A rustic display of photos on antique rustic ladders and wooden crates, using stoneware pots and dried grasses with pots of ivy, with a crumbly castle wall as a backdrop.
Photo display ladder for a castle wedding.

There is always the concern when you have lots of your own items, who is going to set it all up? If you have your venue the day before, that's perfect, and you can enjoy this part and get creative. Do spend a little time playing with different combinations and ways of settings things up, as there are so many ways a selection of items can be styled, make sure you make them look the best they can. Follow some awesome styling companies, or spend some time on Pinterest to get some inspiration on getting the balance and mix of textures right in your displays. If time is an issue, then there are many companies that offer a set up service, as we do, where they will come along and style your items as you would like them, this can often be a great idea, as it takes the stress away and a good company will be used to dealing with anything and ensuring your items are styled with maximum impact.

You also may not want to collect or buy everything, that's ok too. You can hire key pieces to help elevate your items and give them a platform to shine on. These images were from a wedding in a beautiful castle in Dorset, Lulworth Castle. All of the items shown in these images were the couples and they hired our antique rustic ladders and 5 rustic apple crates for these areas, which were just what these items needed to create 2 really beautiful displays.

A rustic display of photos on stacked wooden crates, using stoneware pots and dried grasses, with a crumbly castle wall as a backdrop.
Photo display on stacked wooden crates.

Here are a few ideas of the sorts of items you can use, making your wedding unique to you.

  1. Your favorite photos as a couple or family. Include pictures from important milestones in your relationship, first dates, holidays, or memorable moments. You can also include photo's here of family members or beloved pets, memorial photos or old wedding photos are always popular with guests.

  2. Mementos from significant moments, could be concert or plane tickets, love letters, festival bands, anything that is personal to you. People love a love story, and this is what they are here for.

  3. Objects that are meaningful to you, such as books, records, or items collected from any travels together. What about your favourite house plants?! Bring them along and add them to your styled areas!

  4. You could incorporate family heirlooms into your decor, vintage frames, ornaments, suitcases, trunks or even larger pieces of furniture.

  5. If you are crafty or fancy learning a new skill prior to the wedding,you can always add a personal touch by creating some DIY decorations. It could be hand-painted signs, or table numbers, or making a backdrop. This is limitless, just make sure you concentrate on items that can be made way in advance so you don't add things to your plate in the lead up to your big day, where you can quickly find yourself overwhlmed by the amount of 'little tasks' you have to do.

Using elements that hold significance and make your wedding unique to you, will create a warm and inviting atmosphere that reflects your personalities and sets the stage for a memorable wedding celebration.

A unique handmade rustic order of the day for a wedding with dried grass in stoneware jars, rustic crates and candles, with an old castle wall as a backdrop.
Unique handmade order of the day for a wedding with stoneware jugs.

Dried grasses in stoneware jars with rustic stacked crates, with a castle wall backdrop.
Dried grasses in stoneware jars with rustic stacked crates.


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