Insiders Guide - How To Style Your Wedding. The Boho Edition.

So, Bohemian styling, what does it mean to you?

It needn't be all macrame, crochet, and peacock chairs. Of course, these can absolutely be included, but, Bohemian styling certainly doesn't need to include them.

Think, your favourite pieces, with a focus on the natural world and natural materials, with a really relaxed vibe. Heavily cultural, with global influences, which is just perfect for those of us who love to travel. Boho styling really can work for so many couples and can have such a vast array of finished looks. It can also be incredibly personal to you as a couple, perhaps using inherited items or trinkets brought back from your travels.

Our downloadable/printable PDF guide shows you how. It talks about the types of colours to use, items to seek out, what to look for in a venue, and even the type of food that would work best.

Insiders Guide - How To Style Your Wedding - The Boho Edition.