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Plants for every home.

This is not going to be a long detailed blog on how to choose and care for your plants, I am by no means a plant expert, I have just found a few recently that I have managed to not kill and actually keep alive for quite some time and have had a little read about some other plants that can be equally easy, so thought I would share.

As I sell various plant pots, baskets and plant hangers and love plants myself I thought it would make a nice change. There are always spots in your house that are perfect for a plant to sit, but have no light, there are still plants that will be happy here, I will point out a few that can cope well in very low light.

Here you have it, my list of plants to look at if you are like me and want them to look good with little effort.

The Snake Plant - pretty must indestructible and can survive in very low light. Winner.

Parlour Palm - pretty low maintenance, will tolerate low light and infrequent watering, perfect for those of us that are not as disciplined with their plant care! Not mega keen on drafts, who is?!

Prayer Plant - I suggest you have a little read up on these, sound fussy but I have one and it is sooo beautiful, I have found it easy to keep it alive, I check the soil about every week and water a little if necessary, it also sits in a low light spot quite happily. It is a very pretty plant, I know I've said that, but they really are.

Devil's Ivy - This one is a trailing variety so perfect for hanging, hello macrame plant hangers! Likes a little moisture in the air, so kitchen or bathroom is the perfect spot.

Calathea - This is just so pretty and a breeze to take care of, can tolerate low light and only needs some water every couple of weeks, especially if keep in a lower light spot.

ZZ Plant - This is a waxy vibrant green, so will really brighten up a spot. Quite likes a low light spot and watering is only 2-3 weeks.

Monstera - A really popular plant these days, with the iconic leaves. These plant do prefer a sunnier spot, but not direct sun, watering is needed every 1-2 weeks. I think this plant is worth a prime sunnier spot. Epic statement plant and the leaves get cooler as it grows.

Money Tree - This one gets its name, as it is supposed to bring prosperity and wealth to those that keep it. It also generally has a cool braided stem, so a lovely unusual look. This plant requires a good amount of water but not all the time, every 1-2 week, it likes a sunny spot and it's good to turn it when you water it.

So here is my brief round up of some easy to care for, low maintenance house plants, guaranteed to brighten up your lives! I would strongly advise you read up on any plant you decide to go for so you know any finer details on it's care, don't blame me if they die!!


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