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  • Sam

A little Pinterest chat.....


I have been whiling away a few hours this week trying to wind down, pinning and dreaming of my next house. I'm not even moving yet, but we really need to, and once things settle down a little it will be top of our list. I'm not sure though whether any house is going to live up to my Pinterest boards though.

Pinterest although an amazing tool, can more often than not lead to boards of unrealistic ideas, make sure the images match your budget. It's totally fine to pin these ultra desirable images but not always helpful within your wedding boards, remember many of these image are from styled shoots and are not real weddings!

If you have a £2k flower budget you know the images you need to get rid of! Don't fall down the trap of presenting images to suppliers where they have no hope of achieving the look within your budget, no one wins.

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