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Shhhhhh.....Can you keep a secret? Colour Palettes- The Big Secret.

I have been massively enjoying creating some fantastic, low price point resources to help you along the way with different aspects of your wedding planning. I am really excited to continue adding to our range of downloadable, printable guides and tools, wait until you see what we have coming next!

Colour Palettes -The Big Secret. This is a 14 page downloadable PDF guide to unlocking the secrets to effortlessly pull together colour palettes with confidence for your wedding or event, a subject close to my heart.

You will learn how, when styling weddings and events, we bring together palettes, giving lots of inspiration and guidance. You will look at where you can find your inspiration from and learn the basics of colour theory and how to use the colour wheel to create different types of palettes with many examples to ensure you are on the right track. You will also see a selection of examples from real weddings and styled shoots to show you and confirm how the colour theory works when applied. We also talk through how to balance your colour palette, what percentage of your overall look should be given to which colour, this is really important for the overall aesthetics and if you would like to bring in some bolder accents, stopping you from adding too much.

If this is an area you are having doubts about or just don't know whether the colours you have in mind will work together, this is for you. This is a guide designed around giving you enough information to be able to make great choices to create the perfect colour palette for you.

Get your copy of The 5 Steps for Stress-Free Wedding Planning PDF HERE completely free and join our mailing list for hints, tips and lots of inspiration.


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