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Got to love a Gallery Wall, right?!

Are you a fan? I love a gallery wall when they are done right.

I think they can work amazingly well as an alternative to wallpaper to create a feature wall. The right prints on top of the right wallpaper also look pretty epic!

They can totally transform a bland wall and create a focal point, showing your personality. There are no rules and I love that mixing photographs alongside, prints, typography, and even handmade artwork just works so well. I personally love a more eclectic style so a mix of frames and sizes for me is a must.

These are some steps to follow if you would like to create your own gallery wall.

-Decide on your area and how big you want to go.

-Decide whether you would like a mix of sizes or would like to keep them all the same.

-Do you want a range of frames, or to keep them all the same style?

-Think about colours that suit the room or space, but don't be afraid to create a real eclectic feel and use a broad colour palette.

-Start collecting.

-Measure up and do a mock-up on the floor, playing with combinations until you find the right feel. If you have bought a print/piece of artwork that you love but it doesn't work, take it away and use it somewhere else, some prints/artwork just look better on their own.

-Once you have your perfect combination, take a photo and you can then decide on frames. Go for all the same style, mix the colours in the same style or a total mix of frames.

-Then you are ready to measure, mark and hang, don't forget your spirit level.

-Don't forget that this can be an ever-changing gallery wall, you can replace and change things as you wish.

Hope you find this useful if you wanted to give one a go. I also love to see some 3D artwork/wall sculptures in amongst the frames too, just to add another dimension.

We have some prints in our shop that have certainly made their way into a gallery wall or two!!


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