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Download me, print me, and make better use of your time!

We have been busy creating some downloadable, printable documents to help with wedding planning and also some day to day organisational tools for busy people- anyone already use time blocking?! We have a beautifully designed time blocking, Daily Plans document, which also comes with some top tips on how to use it effectively and transform your to-do list whilst massively increasing your productivity, here are Linen & Lace we are all about working smarter and not harder. Working right alongside your Daily Plans is a Master list which is designed to be able to print more sheets as you need it, as we all know a master to-do list grows as quickly as you can clear it! That is fine and better to accept that to be the case, as long as you are consistently working through the important tasks, you will naturally just flow through it. There will always be those jobs, we all have them, they consistently sit at the bottom of the list, but the problem with this is if you have taken the time to add that task, the chances are it needs to be done, our top tips to begin your time blocking journey will help you work through all the tasks. We have done the work to make a simple solution that is pretty to look at, you can print unlimited copies for your own use and at a very affordable price. Revolutionalise your daily plans, achieve more in less time and all for less than a coffee and slice of cake at your local coffee house.

For those of you embarking on your wedding planning journey, we have some awesome documents to set you off on the right foot, keep you on track and offer some inspiration and guidance along the way.

We have a beautifully designed and comprehensive 4 page venue checklist covering the essential questions you need to ask when viewing and researching your potential venues. We have everything covered, there may some additional venue specific questions you need to ask, but if you use this document you can be sure nothing slips through the net and there are no nasty surprises further down the line. This was put together after years of chatting to my couples and hearing the common questions they wish they had asked. I can't tell you how many times my couples have been caught out by venue candle/open flame policies, or the fact that they are unable to serve the alcoholic favours they have already bought! Do you know that some venues have a cake-cutting charge. These will be so valuable to prepare you for your viewings and also to go back and compare notes if you are going to be viewing many venues. It will prompt you to ask questions that you wouldn't have thought of and make decisions early on based on your findings that will make your wedding planning journey that much easier.

A comprehensive guide to colour and how to choose your wedding palette is coming very soon which will help you understand how colours work, why certain tones work together and what additional colours will work with your favourite shade and how to draw inspiration from the season and your surroundings.

We have so much content on the way and am currently working on a course for couples at the beginning of their journey which I am very excited about, a guide for DIY couples and a DIY styling package which is going to be very exciting and a completely new concept for us!

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